CHANTER – Buss & My Time – New UK Roots Reggae DoubleCD Album out in the stores!!!!

One Blessed Love,

I have just returned from a wonderful worktrip to the UK and had gladly found some time to visit my family and friends

in the Eastend of London. Big Up Tony Original, Jason, Father Wazair and Chanter!

There is some new music popping up out of Stratford/Forest Gate, the cradle of success for artists like

Frankie Paul, Johnny Osbourne, Sugar Minott, Errol Bellot, Newham Generals and Dizzee Rascal.


Chanter - Buss & My Time
Chanter – Buss & My Time


I am happy to bring you this great new album from my brethren Chanter, with some of his wellknown tunes to a series of

fresh and surprising new roots steppas and digital dubs, featuring the voices and sounds of U Brown, Siddy Ranks and Don Goliath Sound,

produced by the great rootssinger NEREUS JOSEPH.

Check it HERE.